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Media Center

Student Services

Book Checkout, Computer Usage, Printing, Reading, Studying, Creating


Student Service Times 
Open:      8:20
Close:      2:40
(Exceptions: Technology Instructional Emergencies, Whole Class Instruction, Special Events)

Book Checkout Policies and Procedures
* Students may checkout a maximum of 2 books for 2 weeks.
* Book checkout may be extended by renewing the checkout book before the checkout period has expired.
* Only fiction and nonfiction books can be checked out by students
* Special arrangements can be made through the student's teacher for instruction related reference books and periodicals.
* Books can be returned anytime throughout the school day by putting book/s in the Return Book slot.
* Students under age 13 must have Mature Reader parental permission form on file to checkout books from the Mature Reader collection.
* Sixth grade students are not eligible to checkout books from the Mature Reader collection.
* There are no charges for late book return.
* Students will be fined for damaged and lost books.
* Students cannot check out books if they have a late book, damaged book fine or lost book fine.
  *Students must pay for all lost books before the are allowed to check out books or receive final grade report. 

Student Library Media Center Behavior Expectations and Guidelines

* Book checkout visits should take no more than 10 minutes from time entered until time exit
* Students must sign in when visiting without a teacher
* Gum, food, liquids, and book bags are not allowed in the media center
* Running, hitting, loud talking and throwing items are not permitted
* Talking in the Reading Corner is not permitted unless it is scheduled for a student meeting
* Students are required to use their inside voices in the media center
* All students must use the media center main entrance only
* Students cannot stay in media center pass time of the assigned teacher who signed his/her pass
* Student are to use only the main media center room  
* Students must have permission to enter any other media center room and/or section
* Please push up fallen books on the shelve, with the spine of the book facing outward
* Please put misplaced books in the Book Return slot
* Make sure you have cleared your tablepushed your chairs in and have all of your belongings before you leave the media center.

Student Computer Usage and Printing

* Students must adhere to the District's Acceptable Use Policies and Procedures
* Students must always clear sites used and bring up computer desktop before completing computer usage
* Printing is free for school related individual print items
* Must always advise media specialist before printing and wait for authorization to print