Ms. Beitz

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Ronda Beitz


B.A. in English 1981

M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology 1983

28 years’ experience in school systems

This is my 3rd year at Adamson, and I am loving it.

I work with students who exhibit disorders of speech sound production, stuttering, and/ or language disorders to include grammar, vocabulary skills, figurative language, verbal reasoning skills to include main idea of passages/stories, point of view, fact vs. opinion, inferencing, based on written material presented to them or that they read themselves, to name some of the skills I address in therapy. This does not include everything.

I also work with students, particularly autistic, on social language skills, such as how to initiate a conversation and keep it going, body language, when to maintain or switch topics, tone of voice, detecting humor in others’ speech, how to appropriately express feelings, and others.  Many autistic children experience great difficulty with these skills, making them prone to feeling isolated and possibly depressed in the school environment.

Students at the middle school level typically are not working on speech sound errors, as there must be a correlation between these and academic and/or emotional difficulties at school. In addition, children should have achieved correction of sound errors prior to entering middle school, thus if they have not been corrected, they likely have reached their maximum potential in speech therapy. 

I just would like to say I have enjoyed my lengthy career as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the public schools!  I cannot imagine any other area that could afford me with the same joy of coming to work each day.

I have a simple discipline plan.

Disrespect and/or inappropriate language toward therapist or peers, parent phone call.  If more severe, office contact is made.

Chronic profanity toward therapist or peers, parent phone call and referral to office.

Showing weapons with or without threat of bodily harm, direct referral to the school officer, Officer Harris, and the principal, Mr. Wilkerson.

Every effort is made to include parent in all disciplinary matters, except when a situation warrants immediate intervention by a school official prior to parent contact.

I can be reached at:

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