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Missy Love


Teacher(s): Ms. Missy Love


Room Number: #104

Phone Number: 770-968-2925

Semester: Fall 2017

Tutorial Days: Wednesdays Starting September 6th, 2017

Textbook: Houghton Mifflin Collection Grade7/Social Studies Collection Book (class edition)

Tutorial Hours: 3:30-5:00pm; pick-up promptly @5pm

Textbook Price: $90.00 each

Tutorial Location: Room# 104

Department Philosophy: Believing that every student is capable of learning language arts, and Social Studies. Many opportunities are provided for all students to strive toward their maximum potential and to increase their confidence in themselves and in their own abilities. Teachers and parents work together in helping students to appreciate language arts, and Social studies, and to become more proficient.    Realizing that English skills are stepping stones to success. Language arts instruction must continue to grow to meet the changing demands of our society. Literacy requires understandings and habits of mind that enables citizens to make sense of our world, to think critically and independently, to recognize and weigh alternative explanations, and to deal reasonably with problems.

Course Description:  In Grade 7, ELA instructional time will focus on three critical areas: Reading Writing, Speaking

                                                       SS instructional time will focus on Africa, Southwest Asia (Middle East).

Southern and Eastern Asia


Course Prerequisites: NONE

Content to be taught:         ELA (refer to Georgia Standards for explicit list)

  1. Literary Reading Informational Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Speaking and listening
  4. language

content to be taught SS:

  1. Africa, Southwest Asia (Middle East),
  2. Southern and Eastern Asia




* The teacher reserves the right to alter or change any part of this course syllabus to better suit the need of the students.


Major Course Requirements: Students will complete several performance tasks/projects during the year to add to their learning the content.


Course Evaluation Categories: Classwork 45%, Test 15%, Quizzes 15%, Projects 15%, and Homework 10%


Required Materials/Supplies: 2 Composition Notebooks, Pencils, 2-3Prong Pocket Folder, Loose Leaf Notebook Paper, Post it Notes, scotch tape


Websites, Programs and remediation tools:


Website Link

My Teacher Website


Classwork & Homework Updates

Agenda Book &

Houghton Miflin Houghton Collection 7


Social Studies





What are your Classroom /Behavior Expectations? 

See attached letter


Detention:  Detention will be given on an as needed basis.  You should arrive promptly and have work to complete.  Failure to report to detention will result in a referral to an administrator.  If you have a conflict with the date(s) assigned, please see the instructor prior to your assigned date(s).



Late Assignments: Each student is expected to complete all assignments in the allotted time.  Late assignments will be penalized based on assignment.



Make-up Policy: IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN AND COMPLETE MAKE-UP WORKIf you have an excused absence, you will be allowed the same number of days as your absence in order to make up work missed.  Make-up work must be done after or before school, NOT during valuable class time. 



Re-do Policy:  If a student turns in an assignment that receives a failing mark, the student has the opportunity to redo the assignment.  The following exclusions apply:  multiple-choice test and other assignments as decided at the discretion of the instructor.  The student must conference with the teacher within one week after receiving the assignment.  After conferencing with the instructor, the assignment will be given back to the student to redo.  The assignment must be completed and returned within one week after the conference.  Once the redo assignment is completed and corrected, it will be averaged with the original grade.  It is the student’s responsibility to take advantage of the redo policy.  At the end of the marking period, students no longer have the option to redo assignments.


I am Ms. Love and I welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year.

Below you will find the Course Description, Class Procedures, Class Expectations, Class Rules, and the Class Discipline Plan.

Please read and review with your student.

 I am looking forward to a year of student learning, growth, and communication.

Course Descriptions:

Students will focus on: Reading/ Writing /Studying and Domain specific language goals. (ELA)

Africa, Southwest Asia (Middle East),Southern and Eastern Asia (SS)

Classroom Procedures

Students are to report to class each day and complete the following:

  1. Sharpen their pencils, before class begins
  2. Get their JOURNAL & Take their seat.
  3. Begin working to the best of your ability
  4. Ask for permission to leave seat
  5. Write HW (Homework) in your AGENDA/planner
  6. Follow C.A.R.E Matrix
  7. Teacher will dismiss class, exit quietly

Classroom Expectations

As a student you are expected to…

  1. Come to class and school EVERYDAY.
  2. Have on appropriate school attire (appropriate collard shirt, pants, skirts, or shorts, etc.)
  3. Shirts should be tucked before entering classroom.
  4. Be prepared by bringing materials to class EVERYDAY.
  5. Come to class ready and eager to learn.
  6. Ask questions if something is unclear.
  7. Participate in class (This includes classwork assignments, math related discussions, projects-group and individual, class activities, etc.)
  8. Complete homework and classwork assignments when given.
  9. Be responsible for your own actions.
  10. Bring a positive attitude to class.

Classroom Rules

  1. Students should not eat, drink, or chew gum in the classroom.
  2. Bring your materials (notebook, pencils, etc) each day.
  3. Students are to be inside the room prepared to begin class before tardy bell.
  4. All math work and tests are to be done in PENCIL.
  5. Students are not to remove items from the teacher’s desk without permission.
  6. Students must raise their hand to be acknowledged.
  7. Be respectful!

8.     Refrain from cell phone usage unless directed by your teacher

Discipline Plan

1st Offense -Verbal Warning

2nd Offense- Silent Lunch

3rd Offense- Change Seat

4th Offense- Cross Team/Teacher Detention/Parent Conference

5th Strike- Offense – Office Referral/Administrative Detention



Acknowledgment of Receipt:  By signing below, the student and parent/guardian acknowledge that they have read and understood the contents in the 2017-2018 Language Arts Fall syllabus. 





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